Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking and enjoy the gift of a breath of fresh air!

Stop SmokingAre you ready to stop smoking?  Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, chew, or dip tobacco, hypnosis can generally help you quit in a single session. Tobacco vaporizers,  nicotine patches, or gums may all be effective in their own way…but they aren’t a solution…they just continue to feed your cravings without truly changing the addictive behavior. Tobacco Cessation is easy through hypnosis.  

 Have you tried to stop over and over again with no results?

  • Are you ready to try a new approach that can truly hel you quit stop smoking?

  • Are you ready to stop spending your hard-earned money on a habit that can be offensive to those you love, is detrimental to your health, and might even be killing you?

The CDC says that 48% of all adult smokers have attempted to quit in the last twelve months (here is the article), and long-term success rates for quitting on your own are incredibly low. If you are committed to stop smoking, then schedule your appointment today.

Hypnosis is different. With your sub-conscious properly focused on the root of your cravings and addictions, you can be rid of these unwanted behaviors forever. Yes, really…forever.

I will teach you the newest findings from energy psychology and hypnotherapy, and I’ll help you turn off your cravings and get rid of tobacco-related stress and anxiety. You will leave my office as a permanent non-smoker. How does that sound?

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“The struggle I’ve had over the many years, with the addiction to tobacco, has finally been put to rest. I recently had visited my doctor for a checkup, we talked about the many reasons I should stop the cigs., he gave me Buddy’s card, said call him, he can help you. To say the least, I was very skeptical, however desperate to stop the habit.   I called Buddy, he said give him an hour and a half, and I would leave his office a non-smoker! I thought to myself, yeah right. Up to this point, I have tried everything, patches, gums, e cigs, you name it I wrestled with it. I was certainly ready to give this a shot. My schedule was slammed, no good time during the week to make time. Buddy was so kind as to see me on a Sunday morning, yes, not a typo, Sunday morning.  

 The session began, with educating me on how and why our brain works with the addiction, very interesting. Then he taught me a few exercises to correct the things my brain was doing to interfere with my trying to stop the addiction. Then came time for the hypnosis, so much to talk about here, however, I want to keep this brief so you will read what I want to say about this enlightening experience! You must experience this for yourself, in my all my life, I’ve never been this relaxed, a truly amazing journey.

 After visiting with Buddy, I’m pleased to be able to say, I’m a non-smoker, I no longer have the desire. The cravings are still apparent, after all, I’ve been doing this for decades. However, I’m reacting to the cravings as simply a reminder of something I use to do. I say this, because, it’s not actually a craving for a cig, that is not a part of my life any longer.   If you are where I was, you should give Buddy a call, HE CAN HELP YOU. So much more to this song than I can put down in words. Thank you for all you have given Buddy, you are the man! Buddy cares, and it shows with the countless times he checked on me to see how I was coming along. Free at last!!  Thank you Buddy.”  

– Alan, Catawba, VA