What our satisfied clients are saying about CareFreeForLife

Satisfied Clients

I appreciate hearing from my satisfied clients.  

“I feel very thankful to have helped over 950 individuals kick the tobacco habit since 2014. Thanks to all of you who have put your faith in me.   To Your Health, Bud Pierce  November 6, 2017

“If my records are correct it has been 1 year today since I have quit smoking – I never thought it would happen after 50 years – thank you sincerely!!!!!! ”                               J. M. Huffman   10/8/2016

“I went to Care Free for Life to learn how to control my emotional eating. I gained so much more. I now have tools that help me stay peaceful, focused and in control ~ but not just with food. I am sleeping better, my stress level is controlled and I am so much more productive with my business. Trust Bud, he knows what he is doing. You will come out feeling so much better, even after just the first visit! ” – Nicole F.  Salem, VA


 “Bud’s genuine warmth and enthusiasm is immediately evident. He sincerely wants to help you improve your life. His knowledge and grasp of the intricacies of the human mind is a gift that he generously and anxiously shares, reminding us that all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. He teaches you techniques to ensure your ongoing success and assigns “reinforcement homework”, following up with phone calls and encouragement. He truly invests himself in your success. Two weeks ago I was a smoker of 50 years, convinced I could probably never quit. After one visit I am now a nonsmoker! Bud is a unique, gifted, caring individual. Thanks Buddy for the amazing gift of my improved health.” – J. Huffman


 “I was referred to Bud Pierce from my Doctor.  I had tried to quit smoking on my own but had been unsuccessful.  My husband, family and friends were all encouraging me to stop. My company no longer allowed smoking at work and I had to hide outside to sneak smokes.  I was tired of the smell and what it was doing to my body.  I walked into Bud’s office and he explained to me how my brain works and how to break the addiction.  After 90 minutes I left his office a nonsmoker.  I was impressed by his follow up calls to see how I was doing.  I have now gone 60 days without tobacco.  I have energy and feel great.  I hardly remember that I ever had that nasty habit.” – Sarah M. Elliston, VA


“On Friday July 3rd, 2015 I started feeling really bad, went to my Dr. on July 6th and again on July 7th, when I found out my BP was 210/140. That day I talked to my Dr. about quitting smoking, I was 1 to 1 1/2 pack a day smoker for over 32 years, he said there are option, pills, patches and Cold turkey, but he mentioned Walter “Buddy” Pierce, said he had a high success rate for helping people stop smoking. I left the Dr’s office that day on BP Medication and Buddy’s Phone Number in hand.

I waited till Monday July 13th to call Mr. Pierce. I thought about it a full week and done research on Hypnotism before calling because I KNEW it wasn’t going to work for me. I bit the bullet July 13, and called, when Buddy Answered the phone, I KNEW he was special, his voice, his way of speaking and explaining things put me at ease instantly, so I scheduled an apt. for July 14th at 2:30pm.  Buddy told me I couldn’t smoke from the time I got up, till I got to his office, I get up at 4am, so I had to go 10 1/2 hrs. without a Cigarette. NOT HAPPENING I thought, but somehow I did it.

Once I got to his office, sat down and chatted for about 2 minutes, I knew I had made the right decision, but I still had my doubt it was really going to work.  To make a long story short, after a little over 2hr in session, and coming out of the Trance, Change had taken place within in me, I felt different, Calm, relaxed but most of all Relieved.

I remembered Buddy telling me to call him if I thought I was going to pick up a cigarette, I had a lot of strong urges to smoke, but I had one really bad day July 17th, I just knew I was going to start smoking that day, so I called Buddy and he said, there is one technique I didn’t tell you about, you can do this and if it works it works, if it doesn’t, then I failed.

He said, You can SMOKE 3 Cigarettes today, 2 Tomorrow and 1 on Sunday… I almost Yelled at him and said NO!!!!!!, If I smoke 1, I will not stop at 3. He told me Good for you, now walk, drink cold water, do your exercises I gave you and call me again if you need me. After hanging up the phone that morning I had little to NO urges to smoke that day or sense :).  Buddy texted me twice sense, asking how I was doing, what a Great Person Buddy is for not only wanting to help people *ME* to stop smoking, he’s cares enough to follow up, check and offers moral support, the Day after his own medical treatment. * WHAT A SPECIAL PERSON*  I know I said I was going to make this a long story short, but I’m LONG WINDED now that I can breath and feel so much better thanks to ** Walter ” Buddy ” Pierce.  5 Day’s Smoke Free…Thank You!”  – D.H. Floyd, VA

   “I contacted Bud to see if he could help me with my fear of public speaking.  I told him that I break out in sweats and stutter when speaking in front of groups.  I had an upcoming talk to make and was terrified thinking about it.  He worked me into his schedule and within an hour had me thinking about how confident I was in my abilities.  A week later I gave my presentation and was not nervous at all.  I was very impressed to have found Bud sitting in the audience applauding me.  WOW.” – Sam J.  Lynchburg, VA

 “Bud Pierce has been very helpful in reigniting the inner belief in my goals and dreams for my business success especially since that has been my personal focus.  I’ve only worked with him a couple times so far but I have already felt such a difference.  My vision and passion is so much stronger and I am taking lots of action to bring them to pass instead of doubting myself.  I look forward to working with him more!  I believe changing destiny is just a shift in direction and Bud is skilled and helps you make that shift to the direction you want.”  – T. Campbell, Health & Fitness Coach, CMT

 “After years of not sleeping well, I had a one hour session with Bud Pierce. He was able to redirect my mind when I hear my husband snoring. I am sleeping better than I have for a very long time. By far one of the best investments I have made in myself.”   – J.L., Maryland

 “While a student at Virginia Tech this summer, I met with Bud Pierce to see if he could help me with my nervous habit…picking my nails. I have been embarrassed by their appearance for years but haven’t been able to stop my subconscious habit. Bud gave me several techniques to help myself and I haven’t touched them for over a week. I am growing nails for the first time in about 5 years. Thank you so much. I am deciding what self-improvement I want him to help me with next!”  – Sarah J.

 “I found out about Bud Pierce through a friend.  I spent a session with him to see if he could help me with my anxiety issues. I have suffered with stress and anxiety throughout my entire life.  I was surprised at how he taught me so many techniques to rid myself quickly of anxiety and stress. I was particulary amazed at learning about the power of peripheral vision.  For the first time in my life I may be able to stop taking anxiety medicine. I highly recommend Bud.  He knows what he is doing”.  – J.M. Salem, VA

 “The struggle I’ve had over the many years, with the addiction to tobacco, has finally been put to rest. I recently had visited my doctor for a checkup, we talked about the many reasons I should stop the cigs., he gave me Buddy’s card, said call him, he can help you. To say the least, I was very skeptical, however desperate to stop the habit.   I called Buddy, he said give him an hour and a half, and I would leave his office a non-smoker! I thought to myself, yeah right. Up to this point, I have tried everything, patches, gums, e cigs, you name it I wrestled with it. I was certainly ready to give this a shot. My schedule was slammed, no good time during the week to make time. Buddy was so kind as to see me on a Sunday morning, yes, not a typo, Sunday morning.  The session began, with educating me on how and why our brain works with the addiction, very interesting. Then he taught me a few exercises to correct the things my brain was doing to interfere with my trying to stop the addiction. Then came time for the hypnosis, so much to talk about here, however, I want to keep this brief so you will read what I want to say about this enlightening experience! You must experience this for yourself, in my all my life, I’ve never been this relaxed, a truly amazing journey.    After visiting with Buddy, I’m pleased to be able to say, I’m a non-smoker, I no longer have the desire. The cravings are still apparent, after all, I’ve been doing this for decades. However, I’m reacting to the cravings as simply a reminder of something I use to do. I say this, because, it’s not actually a craving for a cig, that is not a part of my life any longer.   If you are where I was, you should give Buddy a call, HE CAN HELP YOU. So much more to this song than I can put down in words. Thank you for all you have given Buddy, you are the man! Buddy cares, and it shows with the countless times he checked on me to see how I was coming along.          Free at last!!  Thank you Buddy.”    -Alan   Catawba, VA   Oct. 2014

 “Thank you so much for the session yesterday morning for my agents.  It was very well received and appreciated by all in attendance.  The techniques that you shared were absolutely groundbreaking for us.  Actually, one of our agents immediately left the meeting and went cold calling and secured an appointment while he was in a very “peaceful place”.  I think that says wonders about the immediate effects of your program.  To see anxiety disappear from these agents, who only minutes earlier were more than happy to spend all day in a sheltered meeting, was amazing to say the least.  One of my agents, who doesn’t like to go out, told me she was so calm she was ready to conquer the world!  She went to a meeting with a trainer and actually talked during the presentation, which she NEVER does.  Her field trainer was stunned!   Thanks again for the opportunity to learn these techniques, as I believe them to be game changers!!”  – John H. Regional Sales Coordinator AFLAC