Conquer your fear of public speaking

fear of public speakingWhen you have to talk in public do you feel anxious and almost sick to your stomach?  Do you experience dry mouth, sweating, heavy breathing, and shaky legs?  Does your mind go blank?      

Just about everyone has experienced stage fright at one time or another. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to reduce or completely rid yourself of this oftentimes debilitating condition.

Fear of public speaking is the most common fear among people in the United States, even above death. This fear is caused when a person’s brain provides a specific unconscious response during public speaking. Instead of receiving an adrenaline response to optimize their performance, people often react as if they are under physical threat and become anxious and fearful.

This can be disastrous for someone standing at a podium trying to sound informed and articulate as they now have to battle their own internal response to a nonexistent threat. I will show you how easy it is to take control of your body and mind and deliver a masterful public speech.



“I contacted Bud to see if he could help me with my fear of public speaking.  I told him that I break out in sweats and stutter when speaking in front of groups.  I had an upcoming talk to make and was terrified thinking about it.  He worked me into his schedule and within an hour had me thinking about how confident I was in my abilities.  A week later I gave my presentation and was not nervous at all.  I was very impressed to have found Bud sitting in the audience applauding me.  WOW.” Sam J.  Lynchburg, VA