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We are proud to offer powerful Life Changing E-Learning courses from the NeuroPower Academy as well as Paraliminal recordings from Learning Strategies.  

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NeuroPower Academy  currently offers the following courses:

NeuroPower Achievement – Learn why traditional Goal Setting programs do not always work and learn a powerful system that does. Eliminate Procrastination from your life.

NeuroPower Selling – Learn how to leverage your mind for Success in Selling.  This course will become your Unfair Advantage!

NeuroPower Peace – Learn to identify and control Stress and Anxiety in your life.

New courses coming soon.  


Innovative & Powerful Audio Programs

Hypnotic Audios

Hypnotic AudiosI have used these Hypnotic Audios for years and highly recommend these Paraliminals from Learning Strategies. Almost anything is possible with Paraliminals. You really want to check it out for yourself. You can download these recordings and get started today.

When you get your Paraliminal CDs you will discover a new world of personal achievement. You will discover that you won’t have to listen to your CDs over and over, because you will get results with each listening. We know you will be satisfied, and we will guarantee it.


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