Music and Your State of Mind

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In my private practice I often state that “All we really want in life is to have a happy state of mind”.  Yet we are often our own worse enemies.  We think constantly about our problems and fill our minds with negative self talk which generates stress and anxiety.  So how can music help?????

I have known for years the benefits of Classical Baroque Music.  I listen to it while reading, studying or to calm myself before making a speech or a medical procedure.  It makes you relax and learning easier.

The next time you are in a bad mood or have stinkin’ thinkin’ give this a try…. Simply play your favorite upbeat song and do a silly dance.   You will notice a quick change in your mood.  Your unconscious mind loves you doing this and quickly makes you believe you are indeed happy.

I specialize in eliminating stress and anxiety.  I can teach you many more great ways that music can better your life.  Schedule your appointment and come to my office and dance with me.   🙂

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